picto conventionner avec l'Antai
Adopt electronic ticketing

The agreement between the ANTAI and businesses owning a fleet of more than 1000 vehicles.

The option to enter an agreement with the ANTAI is open to businesses owning a fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles.Entering this agreement makes it possible to access the service for automating the exchanges of data required to designate drivers. It consists in the introduction of an electronic exchange between the ANTAI and the business.

This exchange makes it possible to query businesses about the identity and contact details of any drivers of a vehicle of their fleet at the wheel of which an offence has been committed. Thanks to this exchange, the traffic violation notice is sent directly to the offender and not to the legal representative of the legal entity.

The agreement procedure

To enter into an agreement with ANTAI, you must create a space reserved in your company's name on the ANTAI website.
To create a reserved space, click here.

For your request to be examined, you are required to attach to this request an "Extrait Kbis" of your company providing proof of your business activity.