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Designating one or more drivers

The various terms and conditions of designation

Legal representatives of legal entities have a period of 45 days to designate individuals who have committed a driving offence under the conditions stated in the Highway Code. This period starts from the date featuring in the top left corner of the Offence Notice received.

To optimize management of designations, the ANTAI provides fleet managers with two tools, which can be accessed from this website and will allow them to perform their procedures in a fully paperless way:

  • The individual designation process for managers of small fleets;
  • The fleet management space for managers of medium fleets.

Fleet managers can also complete the designation by sending the exemption request form attached to the Offence Notice they have received, and all the required supporting documents, by registered mail with recorded delivery.

Managers of large fleets (more than 1,000 vehicles) can also enter an agreement with the ANTAI to simplify their procedures. To find out more, click here.


The individual designation process

If you are the manager of a small-sized fleet (up to 10 vehicles), the ANTAI will direct you to the individual designation route. It allows you to designate a driver quickly in 6 steps.

To do this, you will need the Offence Notice you have received, the identity and contact details of the person who was driving the vehicle at the time of the offence, and the reference details of this person's driving licence.

  • In step 1, you must select Case 2 > I was lending my vehicle;
  • In step 2, you must identify yourself as a company by entering the corporate name of the legal entity that you represent, then its postal address;
  • In step 3, you are required to enter the name, surname, date of birth, and postal address along with the licence number of the designated person and its issue date;
  • In step 4, you must enter your e-mail address.

You can then confirm your designation and will receive a confirmation e-mail.

To access the individual designation route, click on the following button:

The fleet manager space

The fleet manager space is addressed to managers of fleets of more than 10 vehicles. It allows them to designate several drivers at a time.

To access this, you will first need to create an account. You will then need the following supporting documents:

  • A traffic violation notice addressed to the legal entity dating from at least a month ago;
  • An Extrait Kbis or a certificate of registration in the Registre du Commerce;
  • The declaration of legal representative for use of the service.

To create an account, click on the following button: