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Electronic ticketing


Electronic ticketing is a system that allows you to record traffic offences (parking, speed, drunk driving, driving while carrying excess loads etc.) and those related to other offences such as pollution and noise, with portable electronic devices (PDA), in-car computer terminals, or from an office computer. Offence messages recorded by these equipment items are transmitted directly to the National Processing Centre (CNT) in Rennes, which addresses a offence notice to the detected person or to the holder of the registration certificate of a vehicle that has been ticketed, particularly in the case of parking.

For more information, see the article What is the PVe?

The main advantages for ticketing services

The risk of error when entering ticketing data is reduced. This is because the electronic ticketing software offers assistance with inputting data and thus makes the writing of tickets more reliable.

The administrative tasks related to following up offences, recording payments or transmitting appeals to the Prosecutions Office (OMP) no longer exist.

The other advantages are:

  • despatch of the offence notice to the recipient's residence (no risk of the fine payment stamp being lost or erased);
  • reduction of the appeals rate (clearer offence notice, guarantee of fair treatment for everyone, documentation received at the recipient's residence);
  • provision of modern payment methods (particularly by Internet), which facilitate collection at the fixed fine stage and reduce prosecution-related tasks at the later stages.

Approval of ticketing software

ANTAI has developed the PVe software and makes it available to you free of charge through a desktop application on a fixed workstation.

In order to ensure the operation of a solution combining inseparable software and hardware as well as compliance with the legislative and technical rules of electronic ticketing, ANTAI carries out a series of tests beforehand. If the tests are convincing, the ANTAI delivers the provider a certificate approving the correct operation of the product (known as Operational Qualification - VABF). The ANTAI advises you to request a copy of this certificate from the providers making tender bids.

To be fully approved, the solution must undergo a period of monitoring and checking, of a minimum duration of 3 months with a minimum production of at least 5,000 offence messages, over one or more ticketing services, offering an adequate level of quality. At the end of this, the ANTAI will deliver a certificate of Performance Qualification (VSR).

See below for the list of solutions approved by the ANTAI.

The ANTAI approved ticketing solutions

The ticketing solutions

Company Software Hardware
Agelid LogipolVe* Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 (Android), Samsung Galaxy XCover5, Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3, Samsung Galaxy XCover6.
Edicia I-PV* Zebra MC75, Zebra TC55 (Android), Samsung Galaxy XCover 3 (Android), Cipherlab RS30 (Android), Zebra ET55 (Android), Samsung Galaxy TabActive (Android), Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 (Android), Crosscall Core-M4, Samsung Galaxy XCover 5.
ExyzT TAé* Cipherlab RS30 (Android), Cipherlab RS31 (Android).
YouTransactor FiNES YouTransactor SK20, Crosscall CORE-X4.
YouTransactor FiNES* YouTransactor SK20, YouTransactor SK100, YouTransactor SK100 – V5, Samsung Galaxy XCover 3 (Android), Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 (Android).
Indestat TePV*

Coppernic C-One (Android).
Samsung Galaxy XCover 3 (Android), Samsung Galaxy TabActive (Android), Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 (Android), Samsung Galaxy XCover 5.

Logitud Solutions GVE*

Motorola Moto E 2 (4G-LTE) (Android), Zebra TC55 (Android), Motorola Moto G 3 (Android), Samsung Galaxy XCover 3 (Android), Motorola Moto G5 (Android), Motorola Moto G6 (Android), Crosscall Core-X3 (Android), Crosscall Core-X4, Samsung Galaxy XCover 5, Crosscall Core-X5 (Android).

Nostria Verbalia* Cipherlab RS31 (Android).
UBI Smart PV Smart Crosscall Action-X5.
Ypok YPve* Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 (Android), Samsung Galaxy Tab A (Android), Samsung Galaxy XCover 5, Samsung Galaxy Tab Active.

* Solutions offering an extended ticketing application.

Call number for ticketing services

+33 (0)1 76 49 27 07

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