Fleet manager

Since 1st January 2017, the legal representatives of legal entities must designate private individuals who commit offences at the wheel of their vehicles (Article L. 121-6 of the Highway Code).

If they do not do this, the ANTAI sends them an Offence Notice.

SMALL FLEETS (up to 10 vehicles)

By clicking on the button below, you will be guided through an individual designation process in which you must select case no. 2 "I am a representative of a legal entity" then designate the person.
MEDIUM FLEETS (more than 10 vehicles)

The ANTAI allows fleet managers to create their own space on this site to make several designations at once. To access this space, click on the link below:
LARGE FLEETS (more than 1,000 vehicles)

Managers of fleets of over 1,000 vehicles can enter an agreement with the ANTAI to automate correspondence with the Agency. The Offence Notices are then sent directly to the offender.