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Fleet manager

If you've received a traffic violation notice for the vehicle you use for professional purposes,
DO NOT pay your fine straight away!


Fleet managers are subject to the same designation requirements applicable to any legal representative of a legal entity.

Article L.121-6 of the French Highway Code stipulates that when an offence is committed with a vehicle registered in the name of the legal entity, its legal representative is required to designate the driver at the time the offence was recorded. If they do not do so within 45 days, they will receive a notice of failure to designate, in addition to the initial traffic violation notice.


ANTAI offers fleet managers three solutions to simplify the process

SMALL FLEETS (up to 10 vehicles) : personal designation


If you are fleet manager for 1 to 10 vehicles, designation can be done on a personal basis, using the same procedure as self-employed or private individuals.


Click on the following button to access the personal designation procedure



You must select option No. 2 "I am self-employed " and designate the driver. Make sure you have the traffic violation notice you received, as well as the name, contact details, and driving licence details of the person who was driving the vehicle when the offence was committed.

Fleet managers can also carry out the designation by sending the request for exemption form (which is attached to the traffic violation notice received) and all necessary supporting documents by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt.

MEDIUM FLEETS (more than 10 vehicles) : there is a special section for designation


The special section for fleet managers is intended for fleets of more than 10 vehicles. It allows you to designate several drivers simultaneously, modify or delete a designation, and access a record of all your procedures.

This special section for professionals has recently been redesigned with a more ergonomic interface to make it more user-friendly.


You first need to create an account to access it

Create a fleet manager account


To save time, make sure you have the following documents available:


    • The traffic violation notice addressed to the legal entity and issued within the last month

    • The company registration certificate or proof of registration in the French trade and
companies register

    • A certificate confirming the legal representative has delegation to use the service

LARGE FLEETS (over 1000 vehicles) : sign an agreement with ANTAI


Companies with a fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles can sign an agreement with ANTAI and benefit from automated procedures, particularly for the exchange of information required to designate drivers.

This exchange of information means the traffic violation notice is sent directly to the driver and not to the legal representative of the legal entity, which saves you time and reduces the risk of mistakes.


If you'd like to sign an agreement with ANTAI, you'll first need to create an account for your company

Create my company account


To allow us to process your request, don't forget to attach a company registration certificate proving the legal existence of your company.