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The FPS service

What is FPS?

From 1ster january 2018, the decentralization of paid parking will come into effect: if a motorist does not pay their parking charge, they will no longer be penalized by a fine but must instead pay a fee called "forfait de post-stationnement" or FPS.

In this new system, all local authorities who have introduced paid parking are invited to sign an agreement with the ANTAI. They have the choice between two agreements:

  • The agreement "partial cycle": the ANTAI is invested by law with the exclusive responsibility for issuing both execution orders in the event of non-payment of the FPS and cancellation orders. The agreement "partial cycle" describes the terms and conditions to be observed when corresponding with the ANTAI to allow the issuing of execution and cancellation orders. This agreement must be signed by a person empowered to legally bind the authority.
  • The agreement "full cycle": the ANTAI proposes to local authorities to serve FPS payment notices on their behalf. This service is optional.To access it, the authorities must sign the "full cycle" agreement which describes the terms and conditions and commitments to be observed when corresponding with the ANTAI for it to send out the FPS payment notices. An authority that chooses the full cycle does not need to sign the "partial cycle" agreement. The "full cycle" agreement must be signed by a person empowered to legally bind the authority.

The ANTAI's FPS service

Appointed by law to issue execution orders, the Agence Nationale de Traitement Automatisé des Infractions (ANTAI) proposes to serve FPS payment notices on behalf of authorities to users who do not pay their parking charge.

The following video outlines this new ANTAI service:


Thanks to the ANTAI's access to the vehicle registration system, payment notices will be sent reliably and safely to the residence of the person who is liable to pay.

They may be sent several days after the failure to pay is reported, to allow local authorities to establish a reduced FPS.

If they have questions, persons liable to pay will be guided through their procedures by the ANTAI call centre advisors.

This service is charged back to the local authorities at full cost, with no profit margin. It follows on from electronic ticketing, in partnership with the Direction Générale des Finances Publiques.


What's the timeline?

Starting from 1st er April 2017, local authorities can download the agreement that will join them to the ANTAI by accessing the following page: Adopting electronic ticketing

From June 2017, authorities can create an "reserved space" FPS on the ANTAI website to upload their signed agreement and carry out all of their procedures there.