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This new edition reports on the action taken by ANTAI to address the health crisis, the agency's key figures for automated processing (nearly 40 million letters sent) and the projects that have driven its work towards transforming public action.

Marked by the unprecedented health emergency throughout 2020, ANTAI - the French national agency for automated offence processing - was mobilised to implement an innovative system. Designed to prioritise support for law enforcement and ticketing agents in the field, the system provides e-ticketing (PVe) for new offences sanctioning failure to comply with health measures.

Drawing on expertise during a unique year

ANTAI was not only able to guarantee the continuity of its public service with exemplary processing quality and conditions, but also endeavoured to process new products and launch new projects eagerly awaited by the public authorities, such as fixed fine notices (AFD) for illegal drug use.

    Infographie sur les chiffres clés 2020

    A few key dates during the 2020 health crisis


    • 16 March: entry into force of the French President's decision to impose a nationwide lockdown due to the Covid-19 epidemic
    • 21 March: introduction of the first three e-ticket fines relating to the health crisis (prohibited movement outside the home, movement without a valid certificate, violation of a prefectoral measure restricting movement)
    • 30 March: incorporation into the e-ticketing process of 12 new offences created by the French Health Emergency Act


    • 26 April: introduction for the first time in the French penal system of a Fifth Class fixed fine to sanction the repeated violation within 15 days of measures decreed in the event of a serious health threat or declaration of a state of health emergency


    • 10 May: 1.2 million Covid-19 related offences e-ticketed during the first lockdown (an average of 22,000 offences per day)
    • 11 May: first phase of lifting lockdown measures
    • 18 May: introduction of five new types of e-ticketed offences created during the lifting of lockdown measures (including not wearing a face mask on public transport)


    • 16 June: launch of a pilot project to trial fixed fines for the illegal use of drugs
    • 18 June: Board of Directors' approval of the new 2020-2023 Objectives and Performance Contract


    • 4 and 20 August: inclusion of two new e-ticketed offences to extend the obligation to wear a face mask to outdoor public places


    • 1 September: rollout of the fixed fine notice for illegal use of drugs
    • 17 September: creation of a platform for effective data use (DataLab)
    • 24 September: initiation of work on fixed fines for unlawful occupation and installation


    • 29 October: provision of new post-parking fixed fee (FPS) agreements
    • 30 October: start of second national lockdown with activity at the National Processing Centre and in all processing chains maintained


    • 15 December: end of second lockdown (replaced by a curfew)

    For more information, download our 2020 Activity Report (in French) by clicking on the link below