Have you recently received notice of a traffic violation for a company vehicle?
Before you pay the fine, first take a look at what you need to do, as the procedure depends on your legal status.


The recent reform of the French Highway Code includes new rules concerning designation for those who are self-employed, legal entity representatives, and fleet managers.

Please start by choosing the correct category from the options below, then click on the button for the appropriate section



You are self-employed selling goods or services (including professional services) or are a farmer, and are the sole proprietor of your company (with or without limited liability) or own a microenterpr...
Legal entity representative

You are the legal representative of an organisation such as a private business (public limited company, private limited liability company, simplified joint stock company, etc.), single-member private ...
Fleet manager

You are the legal representative of a fleet of vehicles, either small (1 to 10 vehicles), medium (10+ vehicles) or large (1,000+ vehicles).


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