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Who are we?

The decree for the creation of ANTAI was published in the French Official Journal dated March 31, 2011.

The ANTAI, working for road safety

The ANTAI's function is to contribute to the combat against poor road safety, in line with the policy led by the Ministère de l'Intérieur.

It is responsible for steering the whole offence processing chain:

  • Management of the offence message (camera flash and electronic ticketing.)
  • Sending of the traffic violation notice.
  • Facilitation of payments and appeals.

The agency is made up of a project management team and runs the National Processing Centre (CNT) in Rennes. The site also hosts the services of the Prosecutions Officer (OMP) services and the Centre for Observation of Traffic Offences (CACIR).

The ANTAI, working to simplify administrative procedures.

The ANTAI aims to both simplify the procedures for citizens as well as for the authorities. The agency oversees the legal and computer safety of the procedures in order to process offences effectively. The ANTAI also has a function of providing information to offenders.

The ANTAI, working to modernize the State.

The ANTAI contributes to the modernization of the State by working to implement remote fine management. The ANTAI innovates daily, with its private service providers, to make the administrative procedures more reliable and facilitate procedures for citizens.

What are our functions?

  • Participating in the definition of technical standards concerning the automated processing of offences, the monitoring and assessment of their application, contribution to their evolution and to the supervision of corresponding technical device interoperability.
  • Designing, maintaining, operating and developing systems and applications necessary for automated offence processing.
  • Publishing, mailing, routing and and stamping the different traffic violation tickets issued electronically or within the automated offence processing framework, along with the various letters required.
  • Sorting of letters received in connection with appeals made by offenders, and of any other letters.
  • Providing information to offenders by organizing a call centre or any other means of communication.
  • Organising and managing the automated offence processing that it has been appointed to provide.

The Agency fulfils its functions in accordance with the general directions set out by the State, which may entrust the Agency with the task of developing and maintaining automatic control devices and ticketing tools.

In order to fulfil its functions, the Agency carries out technical, administrative, legal and financial studies.

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