The ANTAI website has been developed according to the recommendations of the Référentiel Général d'Accessibilité des Administrations (RGAA) to be accessible to all, regardless of hardware or physical restrictions.

The content of this site has been created to be read or heard without loss of information or structure.

Accessibility requirements

So that the content of this website is accessible in its entirety to all, with a high degree of comfort, particular attention has been paid to the way it has been structured and presented:

Giving alternatives to non-text content

All non-text content present in the website (in the form of pictures, for example) offers a text alternative of equivalent value, so that the user does not lose any information if they cannot access the non-text content correctly.

Providing adaptable content

The website content can be presented in different ways (with simplified layout, for example) without loss of information or logical structure.

Providing legible content

For the content to be accessible, it must be easy to make out and read. For example, a white text on a light yellow background is practically unreadable. This is even more important for users over 40 years old, the age at which perception of colour contrast begins to decrease.

Providing access by keyboard

Navigation by keyboard is an important requirement that allows users not to be entirely dependent on the mouse.

Providing navigation assistance

Navigation resources give the user additional comfort, such as for example the possibility of skipping a navigation menu, by clearly indicating its position in the website by a breadcrumb, offering the option to return to the homepage from all pages.

Providing legible and understandable content

Sometimes, it is necessary to add additional information to pages so that the user can understand the content, regardless of the user agent (browser, assistance technology etc.) they are using. Additional information is especially important to help understand the content.

Compatibility with browsers

This website has been optimized for the most recent browsers.

Similarly, the page design fits any screen size, which allows you to access the pages using any web format.